Trading of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) trading business was our first business as a company, and still stands today to service local manufacturers in Spain and Portugal with API solutions from leading manufacturers. 

We will be happy to meet your API sourcing needs whatever the product, territory or collaboration model.

Established partnerships with leading API suppliers

We have secured exclusive distribution agreements with leading manufacturers for Spain and Portugal. Our knowledge on the API field is extensive and our contacts are countless. Our distribution operations go back to our origins as a company and are the foundations of our current position in the API distribution business but also in the development of pharmaceutical products. 

In search of our customers’ needs

End-to-end delivery of API products from our suppliers’ to our clients’ sites as well as the use of different logistic models per customer and product has proven a success and provides reliability to our customers. Our team has vast experience in dealing with suppliers from different countries, ensuring the best customer experience for our clients.

One of our favorite challenges is to help in the search of difficult API sourcing. Please contact us for any assistance; we would love to help you meet your API challenges.

Collaboration beyond distribution

At Galenicum Axium, any collaboration beyond distribution is also possible. If we can cover our customer needs, we are happy to go beyond the established distribution model and go the extra mile to reach our goals. As a proof, we have already experience in both:

  • DMF development and qualification of manufacturers for the regulated markets
  • Co-development agreement with API manufacturers for the API development

KEY figures


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