Our values

The brand name ‘Galenicum Axium’ encompasses three main elements, or ‘axes’: ‘science’, ‘connection’ and ‘challenge’. These three pivotal axes truly reflect our value proposition and our attitude as a company.

These three ‘axes’ are also a distinctive feature of the cultural DNA of the company, which results in a unique environment within the pharmaceutical industry to work and partner with.


‘Science’ is our ‘x-axis’, as it is the core element of our work within the pharmaceutical industry. Our ambition is to become a referent in knowledge on the products we decide to take on.

All our teams are ready and looking for breaking new ground, and are looking to widening the know-how and expertise to go above and beyond within the scientific field. We are also venturing in bringing further innovation to products in the years to come.

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At Galenicum Axium, we value relationships, both within our organization and with all our partners. All our teams have this commitment towards our clients, partners and suppliers.

Our aim is to create long-lasting and flexible partnerships that add value for all the companies involved.

We are grateful for the commercial relationships that we currently have in place. And we continue working to connect the dots with the aim to build a sustainable and affordable project and business together.


'Challenge' is one of Galenicum's attitude trademarks and it is proudly one of the most valued by our team.

Whether it is in the form of innovation or overcoming unexpected situations, it is written in Galenicum’s DNA from its origins and still today ‘Challenge’ is the fuel that ignites the way we work.

Our commitment to our clients is to bring to every project a spirit of making it possible, using every opportunity to excel, advance, learn and grow together. 


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DEVELOPMENT OF THE FIRST GENERIC PHARMACEUTICAL SPECIALTY WITH DABIGATRAN. Decision EMC/2755/2017, dated November 20, (DOGC núm. 7508 of 30/11/2017) regarding the call for NUCLEUS OF INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENTAL DEVELOPMENT (file number RD17-1-0006). This project has received funding from the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). With the collaboration from ACCIÓ.